I decided to go to the mongoDB conference Berlin 2010 to learn about this pretty new schema free and documented oriented database. The 100$ for the conference with three tracks of talks at the same time where really well spent. Most of the talks I listened to were very good and inspiring to try out MongoDB for real life projects.

Now a quick overview of the presentations I attended to:

Introduction to MongoDB (Richard Kreuter)

Very good introduction.

Schema Design Basics (Roger Bodamer)

mongoDB is a schema less database, but of course proper indexing and

structuring of the documents inside the database is necessary.

PyMongo and Python Development (Markus Gattol)

I learned that PyMongo offers lazy evaluation, but in general

the talk suffered from a missing structure.

Django MongoDB Backend: Using Django for Web Development (Flavio Percoco Premoli)

Interesting talk, but not much about Django.

Indexing and Query Optimizer (Richard Kreuter)

Again, a very good talk from Richard.

Administration (Mathias Stearn)

Always use 64 bit architectures for production environments and at least one slave on a different server. Performance problems can be examined with iostat or atop

Thoughts on Deployment (Roger Bodamer)

Slides at: http://www.slideshare.net/rogerbodamer/deployment

Scaling with MongoDB (Eliot Horowitz)
Map/reduce, geo indexing, and other cool features (Mathias Stearn)

The Perl driver wasn't covered at the conference, you can find it at CPAN or GitHub.I filed a ITP bug for

this module to be packaged for Debian.